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    Social Media Marketing

    A social media account without proper planning could be disastrous. Our experts bring in the right audience by a range of content strategies. Those include, but not limited to post planning, creation, scheduling, customised reply and periodical account review. 

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    Integrated strategy

    We convert advertising to a special human touch. We evaluate, test and find the best ad set for you using our online and offline networks. On top of that, we dig deep into the creatives and post-campaign data to better utilise your marketing budget.

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    Creating a brand is about storytelling. We find the most enchanting angle of the campaign, polish it, and tell the most fascinating story to the world through blog posts, social media, press releases and publications.

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    Graphic Design

    We communicate with our designers to maintain a consistent brand image by unifying all your publications (i.e. poster, leaflet, foam board, event materials, package design and advertisements). We constantly suggest different design ideas to perfect your brand.

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    Search Engine Marketing

    People use search engine for almost 20 times a day. We find the best solution with a high degree of cost efficiency in SEM with Google Adwords and Google display network. We strive hard to let you understand what we are doing, so that you could utilise this sophisticated system from time to time.

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